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[Bug 179940] Review Request: ruby-http-access2

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Summary: Review Request: ruby-http-access2


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------- Additional Comments From tibbs math uh edu  2006-02-28 11:53 EST -------
We have a specfile template for Ruby now; it would be best to follow it
especially as it fixes things like %{ruby_sitelib}.  Ruby packaging isn't as far
along as Perl or Python so I think it's important that everything is consistent.

Onto the review:
package is properly named (although there aren't naming guidelines for Ruby yet,
the name matches the tarball and the necessary 'require' line).

2.0.6 is the current version.

The summary is a bit awkward; suggest changing "Accessing" to "Access" or "A
library for accessing".

I believe the licensing is more complex than just GPL since the package allows
distribution under Ruby's dual license, but I don't know what the common name of
the other license is.

The URL given seems to be throwing an internal server error for me.

The specfile template prefers:

BuildRequires: ruby ruby-devel
Requires: %{ruby_sitelib}

where %{ruby_sitelib} is defined earlier in the template.

The package should be BuildArch: noarch as it doesn't produce any binaries.

Suggest deleting the last line for the description.

Suggest running the provided tests in a %check section if this is reasonable. 
(It probably isn't if this requires network access.)

Please use %{ruby_sitelib} instead hardcoding the Ruby version in %files.

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