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Re: Rebuild status of FE5 (Was: Re: Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras)

On 2/28/06, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
> Maybe automatically orphan the packages if they are not rebuilt for the 6th
> of Mars ? (date of "Absolute devel freeze")?
> Opinions on that?

I'm going to pretend to be wicked pissed if you automatically orphan
istanbul if it won't build because of dep issues. I've said repeatedly
that the transition from gst0.8 to gst0.10 has caused an untimely
shift in dependancies and I will be moving the istanbul in the devel
tree to using gst 0.10 building it in fc5 as soon as its feasible to
do so which will require an update to gst in Core. I do not believe
the dependancies for istanbul will be ready to be pushed into an fe5
branch..but it is not orphaned and it will see a build as soon as the
dependancy chain allows it to work again.

In truth I'll be deeply grateful if you automatically orphan it that
gives me a great excuse to just walk away from the issue completely
playing the victim to your uncaring and viciously inhumane automated
computer logic that I can point to as the harbinger of computer
subjugation of human freedom in the theme of the terminator
movies...and let someone else with far less patience jump in 6 mmonths
from now and rant and rave about the dependancy problems which I don't
have the ability to solve on my own.

How do I get the currently depedancy broken istanbul package out of
the binary devel tree? I'm more than happy to not have the broken
binary package sitting in the tree while the dependancy issues to be
worked out one way or the other, especially if removal of the binary
package from the tree keeps automated orphaning scripts from
triggering on istanbul.

-jef"or i could just script an hourly rebuild attempt of istanbul that
I know will fail, wasting buildhost resources, just to make everyone
happy with the rebuild is being attempted"spaleta

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