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[Bug 177584] Review Request: zaptel

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Summary: Review Request: zaptel


------- Additional Comments From fedora leemhuis info  2006-01-13 11:37 EST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> Hmm... the install section of the Makefile would require *EXTREME* surgery. 

Really? I took a quick look. From a first glance I would presume that removing
everything between
- if [ -f zaptel.ko ]; then \
- fi
should be enough.

> Unless it's going to block approval of the package 
I'm not the reviewer. But if was I would consider it a blocker.

> I'd rather install the files
> that I need manually in the spec until the upstream package gets fixed.
I did something like that in the past -- you have to recheck after each upstream
update that you still install everything exactly as the makefile would do it.
And that is a lot of work and often is forgotten (and that's the reason why I
think it's a blocker). 

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