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Re: a better webinterface to our packages (Was: Re: New Fedora Extras Steering Committee chair)

> Agreed. But adding an additional directory (e.g. /extras/4/repodata
> and /extras/4/repodata/repoview ) that have repoview pages with links to
> SRPMs, i386, x86_64 and ppc won't hurt. Complete mirrors can mirror it.
> The other should ignore it, because some links won't work in that case.

no problem for me.

> > However, we could have a static link in the mirrored data that
> > points to a searchable interface that lives on fedoraproject.org.
> Agreed.
> > Then again, I wonder how much of this is obviated by the presence of
> > good searching interfaces in the tools we have in the distro, now?
> I round about once a week use the debian web interface to search for
> something. Now and then I use the one from gentoo, too. I suspect that
> users of Debian, Gentoo or Suse now and then want to search for Fedora
> Packages, too. We should make it possible.

We should define, now, what we want searchable and accessible from the

I'd rather not have a bunch of useless feature creep on the search
interface. The simpler the search interface and display is, the better.
An 'Advanced' Search interface is better handled by telling the user to
use the search tools in the distro and not the web interface.

my perfect search interface is:

search:________________________ [submit]

and _maybe_ just _maybe_ having a way of telling it what release to
search (3, 4, 5, etc, etc)

Andreas, Konstantin, what do y'all think? Does sound in line with what
you were considering?


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