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[Bug 178162] Review Request: libgeotiff

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Summary: Review Request: libgeotiff


------- Additional Comments From rc040203 freenet de  2006-01-18 01:09 EST -------
Hmm, I vaguely recall the discussion on this package ;)

Packaging-wise, the package seems fine to me, but I am having concerns on some

1. package's licensing:

1.1 The %description reads:
"... public domain library ...".
libgeotiff definitely is not a "public domain" library: Its sources come under
different "open" licenses. (cf. the file LICENSE inside of the tarball).

1.2 LICENSE contains this:
The EPSG Tables (from which the CSV files, and .inc files are derived)
carried this statement on use of the data (from the EPSG web site):

  Use of the Data

  The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of this
  data. The data may be copied and distributed subject to the following
      3.The data may not be distributed for profit by any third party; and
      4.The original source [EPSG] must be acknowledged.

IANAL, but this (esp. point 3.) seems problematic wrt. inclusion into FE to me.
I read it as: This package contains sources which qualify as for "non-commercial
use" only.

The question, I can't answer is: Does this license affect the library binaries?

2. /usr/include/geotiff/geo_config.h contains defines which typically are used
by autoconf/autoheader and are likely to conflict with autoheaders/autoconf when
trying to use geotiff in packages using autoconf-based configuration.

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