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Re: mono apps in extras


On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 08:31 -0600, Justin Conover wrote:
> http://www.nrpms.net/Packages/fedora-4-i386/mono/
> Has Matthew Hall looked into pushing some of his mono src.rpms/specs
> to extras to include some of the work and apps he has already created?

I've not seen any bugzilla reports, so I'll say he hasn't.

>   Just thought it might be eaiser to push things like monodevelop,
> banshee, blam and whatever else into extras/core without starting from
> scratch on the spec files?

Problem is that for FE devel branch and FC5t2, monodevelop and anything
else that relies on vte-sharp will currently not build due to a problem
with vte itself. I don't think it's the RPM either, but the gnome
development branch at fault.



"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
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