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Re: Bunch of newly orphaned packages up for grabs

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 20:42, Quentin Spencer wrote:
> >
> >  FWIW and being consistent with other recent changes the best move would
> > have been for fftw to have become fftw2 as soon as version 3 was declare
> > stable.
> I agree, but I introduced fftw3 because there was no interest on the
> part of the maintainer of fftw of moving to the 3.x releases. FWIW,
> Debian has a fftw3 package.

  I would like exceptions like this to be the exception and not the rule. ;-)

> >  All the development for this library is happening in version 3, where
> >release 3.1 is entering beta phase.
> >
> >  So let us request the change, for you it should be enough to Obsolete
> > fftw3, no?
> >
> >  Then we need to change accordingly the packages that require fftw to
> > require fftw2 and those requiring fftw3 to fftw. Since packages should
> > only build require the -devel version if we synchronize our releases all
> > will still work.
> >
> >Does this sounds like a plan?
> This seems reasonble. Currently, fftw3 is only in the FC-4 and devel
> branches. This is because the main reason I wanted it in Extras was for
> Octave, which was still in core for FC3. I don't see any particular need
> to change everything in FC-4, so maybe we just make the changes in devel
> so that they will be in place for FC-5?

  That seems fair, although I don't see any problem changing that to FC-4, 
since that is the first version that we really control. Actually I like this 
more but I am not dogmatic about it. :-)

  So the question remains, FC-4 or FC-5?

  The advantage of FC-4 is that it would allow us to carry the same spec file, 
while FC-5 is not yet released.

> If we were to make this change, here are the packages that require fftw:
> fftw-devel
> grace
> (It also appears glame on livna would be affected.)

  This will only affect new buildings, previous packages will work fine.

  We could contact as well other repositories about this change. It would be 
nice. :-)

> Here are the packages that currently require fftw3:
> fftw3-devel
> octave
> octave-forge
> osiv
> plplot-octave
> I maintain octave and octave-forge, and having looked at the others, it
> appears the plplot dependency is implicit, so the only other package
> needing an update is osiv.

  So it should be easy. :-)

> -Quentin

José Abílio

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