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[Bug 178162] Review Request: libgeotiff

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Summary: Review Request: libgeotiff


------- Additional Comments From mccann0011 hotmail com  2006-01-19 23:39 EST -------
Some more information.

The current EPSG license info can be found at http://www.epsg.org/CurrentDB.html
and contains the following additional note to clarify the use of the data in
commercial / for profit applications:

"With regard to (3) above, the data may be included within proprietary
applications distributed on a commercial basis when the commerciality is based
on application functionality and not on a value ascribed to the
freely-distributed EPSG dataset."

Note that the EPSG also acknowledges that this data forms part of the GeoTIFF
specification on this page http://www.epsg.org/main.html

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