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Re: How to update the package?

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
Ankit Patel wrote:
> */Paul Howarth /* wrote:
> Ankit Patel wrote:
> > I am maintaining the package called "system-config-control". Current
> > version of this package is 1.0-4. I want to provide the new version,
> > 1.0-5 with some modification.
> >
> > I have tried the following steps, but haven't any luck in
> updating it.
> >
> > Here are the steps i followed for updating from 1.0-3 to 1.0-4:
> > 1. cvs co system-config-control
> > 2. cd system-config-control/devel
> > 3. modified the spec file with release no. "4%{?dist}"
> > 4. commited the changes
> > 5. m! ake sources FILES="system-config-control-1.0.tar.bz2" (This .bz2
> > file is with all modifications)
> I suspect the build system already had a
> system-config-control-1.0.tar.bz2 uploaded and so attempting to up!
> load a
> new one would have no effect. If the tarball has changed, it should
> have
> a different version number and hence a different filename.
> > 6. commited the changes
> > 7. plague-client build system-config-control
> A "make build" would suffice for that.
> Paul.
> But when i do "make sources" then it gives me the correct source tarball
> (.bz2). So, i don't understand where is the problem?

Does it do that if you delete the tarball first? If the tarball is
already there then it won't re-download it.

You should never issue a new tarball with the same version number ! and
different contents anyway - it's just bad practice.


Yes, it replace the older one. I got a reference from the following link:

Ankit Patel

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