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[Bug 178922] Review Request: asterisk - The Open Source PBX

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Summary: Review Request: asterisk - The Open Source PBX


------- Additional Comments From jeff ollie clive ia us  2006-01-26 09:00 EST -------
(In reply to comment #5)
> actually to have bri cards working there are 3 ways.
> misdn bristuff and visdn.
> [...]
> hope that helps while its not directly relevant for the package itsself in my 
> eyes that infos are still relevant for getting a production ready asterisk.
> bri cards are rather widespread because they are relatively cheap 
> (junghanns/beronet quad and octo cards e.g.)

My Asterisk package does not at this time include support for plain 'ol Zaptel
cards.  I know that this leaves Europeans in a bit of a lurch because of all of
the BRI hardware over there.  I'll look into the various BRI options once the
base Asterisk package is approved and see if I can't get something into FE.

(In reply to comment #6)
> just curious... why do you "noreplace" all configs? dont we want to have the 
> unmodified default configs replaced?

Users may or may not be depending on the configuration that is in the "default"
configuration files.  If the default configuration files change it would be
better for the administrator to manually take a look at all of the .rpmnew files
and decide if any changes are going to break his/her setup.

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