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[Bug 176200] Review Request: Mud Magic Client

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Summary: Review Request: Mud Magic Client


------- Additional Comments From kyndig mudmagic com  2006-01-26 14:02 EST -------
Paul - Thank you for taking the time to create the patchset which fixes the
problem with the mock-build. The solution you found was an area I had not even
looked into. When the interface/Makefile.am was built, it was simply to install
the required files for the gtk/glade interface widgets and it never occurred to
me that these are the files which were causing the issue.

I have applied your patches to the source itself and used your spec file patch
to create the mudmagic.spec.in . I reran the autoconf - updated CVS and
republished this build. 

I would have left the patchset as-is; but since the patch modifies to the build
system itself and provides a stronger cross-platform build, it was applied
directly to the source.


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