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Re: RFE: Review Request: <main package name here> - <Summary>

Axel Thimm wrote:

currently the new package creation process in bugzilla:


suggests using "Review Request: <main package name here>" in
bugzilla's summary. It would make the sent mails and bugzilla browsing
much more interesting if the package's purpose could already be read
off this one-liner.

Currently I see some submitted packages and unless I already know the
project I can't associate anything with it.

Some submitters are already adding the package's summary to
bugzilla's, but if the URL above would change the template to suggest
always doing so, that would be perfect, thanks! :)
Is there a limit to the length of the summary field ? Some complicated packages are pretty hard to summarize in a few words ;)
I would like to see a final item added to the guidelines:

"When the package is reviewed, accepted and committed to CVS, the maintainer is required to add a final comment in the bug with the link to the .spec file in the repository.

For example:

Reason, I been trying to learn/understand the rpm/spec/extras process. Just about every package in the reviewrequest bugs has links to spec files that have since been removed, perhaps even the day that the spec is imported into cvs. People need easy access to the current spec file to make it easier to learn tricks about best practice etc.


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