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Re: Recapitulate the current state of Fedora Extras and some ideas to make it better

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Rahul schrieb:
Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
  * Why isn't the Fedora Directory Server still not in Extras?
I had already brought this up recently in a board discussion. Will start a new one in the the Fedora advisory board list.


  * Discussions within FESCo and with the community are working often in
acceptable ways on the lists and on IRC most of the time, but often
nothing happens after the discussion is over and things remain unclear
and undecided.
Assign a owner to keep track of every agenda item.

Yes and No.

Yes: All things on the Extras/Schedule need to have a owner. This is one thing that I hope works better with the new FESCo -- Jobs simply didn't get assigned to anyone often because there were not enough people interested in driving things forward.

Then leave it open and marked unassigned.

No: Not all discussions should be added to the schedule cause we might soon end up with to much stuff on the schedule that without getting the most important things done.

Which is why schedules have a priority.

  * we need a defined and documented policy to get definite answers for
open legal question
Kindly contact the Fedora advisory board where our counsel is a member. Call this policy.

We need to discuss things first. Warren seems to be the one to contact when there are issues. But that's nowhere documented (and might be wrong)

Its already documented who the legal contact is clearly


If you think that isnt working, the advisory board list is a open path. What exactly is the concern here?

  * Long-Term Fedora Extras contributors should get a small reward now
and then: A Pen, Sticker, T-Shirt, LWN subscription, ...
Another item for FAB. I will start a discussion.


  * close the gap between Core and Extras as far as possible
Would be quite useful to document every single difference between core and extras somewhere so that we can tackle this as we move along. Can someone do this?

Hmmm. Yeah, it might make sense. But we, the Extras community, don't have much influence or knowledge about the details or plans to close the gap (or merge the two).

You dont require any knowledge about the future plans to merely document the differences. Still I dont mind owning this but then I need to bug someone with more extras repository knowledge than me to help me out.


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