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Re: Recapitulate the current state of Fedora Extras and some ideas to make it better

rdieter math unl edu said:
> If by "fail the build" you really mean "warn the packager", then we're  in
> agreement.  (: 

I'd like something a bit more intrusive than a warning.  What I'd like to see 
 1. package maintainer does its business and submits a build request
 2. plague does the build, runs rpmlint, checks the provides,
    checks the warnings
 3. if there are no diffs, succeed
 4. if there are diffs, fail and report the diffs
 5. at this point, maintainer has to scan the diffs and make a decision:
   A. the diffs are inocuous -> update the reference files and resubmit the 
   B. the diffs expose a problem -> back to step 1.

Community will see the updates to the reference files and can comment where 

I think this would be a pretty nice and easy QA improvement.


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