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Re: File conflicts in Fedora Extras Development

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 07:30:21 -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> > Hmm, I wonder how this can be checked easily by a reviewer.  I
> > reviewed said package but had pretty much no chance of noticing this.
> Nothing trivial springs to mind...  possibly a yum-util that checks a
> package's filelist against the contents of the filelists for repos.  But
> that can only say that both contain the same filename -- it won't do
> anything to find out if they really conflict[1]
> Jeremy
> [1] Since identically md5sum'd files don't conflict

Yes, but no reason to worry. In case identical file names have been found
and provided that there are only a few packages which contain these files,
they can be downloaded and checked more thoroughly. A simple form to display
the checksums and more for easy parsing is:

rpm -qp --qf '[%-10{filemodes:perms} %{filemd5s} %{filenames}\n]' package.rpm

Some of rpm's query-tags can be used to give prettier output when listing
packages during package review, e.g.:

function rpmls {
    rpm -q --qf '[%-10{filemodes:perms} %{filenames}\n]' $1 $2

function rpmlsv {
    rpm -qlv $1 $2 | awk -F\  '{ print $1,substr($3,0,8),substr($3,9,8),$4,sprin
tf("%9d",$5),$9; }'

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