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Re: How to deal with undefined-non-weak-symbol

>>>>> "VS" == Ville Skytt <Ville> writes:

VS> If I understand correctly, undefined non-weak symbols *in shared
VS> libraries* are generally frowned upon because it causes the need
VS> to take care of satisfying them in things that use those libs,
VS> which is particularly bad when dlopening them.

Yep, these are in %_libdir.  The package installs a dozen libraries
and causes over 3500 of these undefined-non-weak-symbol warnings.  And
sadly I wouldn't have noticed if not for some new testing bits that
installs the packages into the mock chroot and runs a proper rpmlint
after building.

So I guess what has to be done is to run nm and grep through to find
the library that provides the missing symbol and add that to the link
line.  But I'm not even sure if it's reasonable to do that; the
libraries are built independently in separate directories.

Looks like I'm going to be stuck with the aplus-fsf package forever.

 - J<

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