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Re: Wiki not editable?

tibbs math uh edu (Jason L Tibbitts III) writes:

> ES> Please respect my rights as author of this page and keep it at is
> ES> new/original location (new license terms should forbid moving into
> ES> PackageDrafts).
> New license terms?  Didn't you sign the CLA?

I am not a lawyer but I do not see how placing under the FDL and adding
an "invariant section" would violate the CLA.

> I honestly suggest that everyone discuss this in a reasonable fashion
> rather than continue down this path.

"This path" began when parts of the Wiki (inclusive my pages) were made
uneditable. Such inadvertent things can happen but should be solved when
responsible people are noticed about it. I am thankful for your action
to move the old, protected page to a place where I could edit it again.

But "this path" continued when completely unrelated people did distorting
changes to my documents without asking me first. When ACLs (which are
unavailable for me) are required to protect pages, then I can use licenses
to protect my copyright.


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