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Re: add-to-owners helper script...

On 7/19/06, Luke Macken <lmacken redhat com> wrote:
Grabbing the CC list can easily be automated using Bugzilla's xmlrpc
API.  Here is an example in python:

    import xmlrpclib
    server = xmlrpclib.Server('https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/xmlrpc.cgi')

Now that I think about it, all you really need for a script like this is
the Bug #.  From there, you could just parse the comments for the SPEC
file url, then parse the spec for the package name and summary.

Good idea, but I think we've left the realm of "simple" with this one
:)  Plus there's no guarantee the cc list on the review bug will be
the same as the ongoing cc list; and the person executing this ought
to be the packager -- who will hopefully either have it installed
already or a rpm somewhere on their system.

This is just aimed at being an extremely limited, one-function tool,
to do the initial add to owners.list.  For anything more, Steve's
owners-maint is much more appropriate.

Chris Weyl
Ex astris, scientia

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