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Re: rpms/sextractor/FC-4 sextractor.spec,1.2,1.3

My apologies; I'm resending this because I mistyped the address of the
SExtractor maintainer.

>>>>> "RC" == Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> writes:

RC> On Fri, 2006-07-21 at 10:24 -0700, Sergio Pascual wrote:
>> %build -%configure +%configure CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -funroll-loops
>> -fomit-frame-pointer -O1

RC> You are breaking debug infos.

Yes, this is not good.  For reference, the bug which prompted this is


The problem is that the code simply does not function with the default
Fedora optimization flags.  I am not familiar with the software and
have no idea whether this points to a GCC problem or just poorly
written code.  Someone should investigate the minimum change to the
stock Fedora cflags which permit this software to work properly, and
then investigate why the behavior differs.

Is there a standard method for overriding a single flag in

 - J<

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