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Re: hard time finding packages really for review

>>>>> "MT" == Michael Thomas <wart kobold org> writes:

MT> IMHO, we need look no further than the 'Assigned To' field.

I don't even see why you would care about that.  If the bug blocks
FE-NEW, it's not under review.  The only exceptions I can think of are
those that block FE-GUIDELINES, and of course the FE-NEEDSPONSOR bugs
that require a sponsor to do the review.

If someone takes the bug, they should block FE-REVIEW instead to note
that the bug is under review.  You'll note that I often ping people to
ensure that they do this.  I also regularly go through the old tickets
and try to make something happen.

I pretty much constantly trawl through
to find things to work on.  That shows dependencies, but you'll also
note that some of the non-child bugs are assigned to folks.  Some of
these cases are bugs that were assigned to someone by mistake; it's not
possible to unassign a bug once it's been assigned.  Others are simply
improperly blocking FE-NEW when they should be blocking FE-REVIEW.

 - J<

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