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Re: do we have gnomesu command on Fedora?

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
O/H Paul Howarth έγραψε:
Parag N(पराग़) wrote:
Hi all,
I need help in packaging gnome-main-menu package. For more
information on my problem  you can check
It's normal practice to use consolehelper in Fedora instead.

There are many environments, like personal workstations at universities
and work, that a user is not given the root password and is only
included in the sudoers file to manage his workstation. Thus, he can't
use the current consolehelper method that requires a root password.

One approach to start a root-needing application is:

  $ xhost +localhost
  $ sudo system-config-mouse && xhost -localhost

Are there *no* plans to find a solution to this security hazard and
totally user unfriently workaround?

I understand that consolehelper is a much better option, but it just
doesn't work for *many* users. And the above workaround is far worse in
security than gnomesu et al.

This thread shouldnt really be hijacked to discuss this but since you asked, the long term plan is PolicyKit



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