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Re: Future FESCo Elections

Michael Schwendt schrieb:
> On Thu, 27 Jul 2006 17:40:36 +0200, Christian Iseli licr xxx wrote:
>> Just an idea: why not have elections when at least 2-3 non FESCo members 
>> express interest into becoming FESCo members ?
> This approaches "the problem" from the wrong side.  First of all, there
> should be no need "to be in FESCo" to get something done.

Strongly agreed.

> [...]
> Second, if current members of FESCo are working on something which takes
> some time (also longer non-public 

I try to keep most stuff of public lists.

> and possibly controversial discussions),
> it would be a disruptive action to let the community decide on whom to
> replace at an unfortunate point of time.


> Third, in a project of volunteers, there is no command hierarchy, so for
> many "tasks" or policies FESCo needs to meet the community's requirements
> and pick up ideas/input from the community anyway. Wrong decisions coming
> out of FESCo could lead to uproar, unhappy contributors. It doesn't help
> if FESCo consists of people with the wrong focus, who are elected with the
> help of lobbyism or by nature of a bigger target-group among the
> contributors.


> Why don't you come up with explanations on how FESCo works and what we
> need FESCo for?

Why don't you come up with explanations? You were in FESCo for long, you
know Fedora Extras in deep and how things work.

BTW, I agree that we need explanations, but I think we have more
important things to do than working on self-organization/documentation
ATM so I put other things higher on my the ToDo-List. But if others
think differently: go for it!

> And how exactly does FESCo
> work in conjunction with the the Packaging Committee (or whatever it is
> called officially)?  [...]

This was initially discussed in the last meeting.


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