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Re: no Job ID was provided in the time required (Was: Please rebuild your packages in Fedora Extras development)

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 06:03 +0100, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> >   Please check to make sure the job did
> > not actually get enqueued.
> How about you fixing your code to not produce false alarms, if you are
> sure these are false alarms?

To be perfectly fair, the error message doesn't say "The buildsys is
hung", it says just what it means; that the build system didn't give you
a job ID.  The only reason that this message attained the connotations
it did, was because I kept asking people both on this list and on
#fedora-extras to report instances of this message.  Since that's no
longer the case, I'd like to officially change the connotation that this
error message has to "check the web UI for your job for 5 minutes after
you submit your job, then report."

If you'd like, I can increase the plague-client timeout to 20s such that
it will almost always give you a job ID.  However, that's really just
papering over the problem.  In the long run, we need to evaluate how to
deal with sqlite's table locking issues, which is the way the code is
architected as it is, which is why we have to synchronize access to the
database, and which is why you can't get a job ID back immediately.
Alternatively, some re-architecting of how builder status updates are
handled is necessary, which is the secondary cause of this issue.


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