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Re: Request for help and opinions: Rebuilding and basic checking for orphans

>>>>> "Thorsten" == Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> writes:

Thorsten> Hi!  we still have a lot of orphans in extras/development/
Thorsten> that will remain in FE5. For a list see
Thorsten> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/FC5Status and look
Thorsten> out for packages owned by
Thorsten> "extras-orphan_AT_fedoraproject.org"

Thorsten> Well what do we want do with them?  a) just leave them there
Thorsten> b) check them and remove those that are broken and are not
Thorsten> required by other programs c) rebuild the arch packages,
Thorsten> check them afterwards and remove the broken ones

Thorsten> I'd suggest c) for arch packages and b) for noarch
Thorsten> packags. Objections?  Anyone interested it helping there? 

What definition of "broken" are you using? 
Doesn't rebuild? 
segfaults on startup/other app specific bug?

I personally would suggest: 

d) remove all of them that aren't required by other packages. 
and then all the remaining ones that are required by other packages
should be taken over by those people who's packages need them. 

I think the problem with shipping them as orphans after a rebuild is
that if users report bugs against them, there will be no one
home. This will be non optimal. There won't be any maintainer thats
using them and can upgrade or fix them. We don't know if they work
right just by rebuilding them, and there wouldn't be anyone answering
the bugs users report about them not working. 

Just my 2cents. 


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