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Re: Ruby specfile template issues (Was: Odd mock build problem)

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 18:13 +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> As a side-note, the package ought not install into Ruby site locations
> anyway. It should install into rubylibdir, i.e.
>   $ ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]'
>   /usr/lib/ruby/1.8

Are you sure about that?  Without knowing much at all about ruby, I'd
think that the above dir would be reserved to stuff that ships with

> as that, just like Perl vendor locations, allows site installations
> which override Fedora-shipped packages.

Well, ruby is similar to python in the sense that python lacks the
vendor install dirs concept and its extensions (including packaged ones)
use site-packages, so ruby could use them too instead of intruding the
"main" ruby install dirs.  But again, I know very little about ruby, and
it looks this is a matter of choosing the lesser evil so someone more
familiar with this stuff will have to make the call.

By the way, on a x86_64 Rawhide box:

    $ ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["archdir"]'
    $ ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]'
    $ ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["sitedir"]'
    $ ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["sitelibdir"]'
    $ ruby -rrbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["sitearchdir"]'

Note lib64 everywhere -> none of the above are suitable for noarch
packages, no matter what files they'd contain.  I would expect
some /usr/share or /usr/lib (Python and Perl have the latter) dirs on a
x86_64 box for installing noarch stuff.  FC ruby configuration issue?

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