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[games sig] Downloader for shareware data files for gpl engines such as vavoom


I had this idea last night, it would be nice to package doom (and other) gpl game engines, or improved spinoffs such as vavoom, but they are kinda useless without the shareware datafiles.

Now the shareware files are freely redistributed by a lot of sites, but nowhere there seems to be a clear license under which this is done, which makes things kinda dodgy.

Thus I had the following idea:
-write a program / script which gets started by the .desktop file
 instead of the game will do the following:
-check if any (registered, whatever) datafiles are present, if any
 found continue with running the game as usual/
-if not display a nice graphical dialog under X explaining that some
 data files are needed from say a CD and tell the user where to copy
 them and to press continue once the files are there, when continue
 is pressed, check again.
-Also offer the user the choice to download the shareware version for
 them as an alternative.
-if the user choices to download the shareware version verify the md5
 after download!
-after download completes ask the user to press continue.

So what do you think, I believe this is very user friendly, but is it legally ok?



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