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Re: Wine and x86_64

Andreas Bierfert wrote:

On Sat, 04 Mar 2006 08:56:21 +0100
it should build with a configure flag (--enable-win64 ) but then it only will be able to run 64bit windows binarys (and there are not much of them).
wine-i386 should be in the x86_64 repo too.

First of all:
It currently does not build for me on x86_64 with the --enable-win64 flag set
although I am trying to get it working. Wine upstream said that it would take
another year or so till 64bit wine actually would do any good so we might think
of including it in FE devel _after_ FC5 branching.

I have never tryed it because the lack of 64bit windows apps.

What my plans are nevertheless is to include wine.i386 in the x86_64 repository
as this is what most people will want atm anyway and make the x86_64 version of
wine parallel installable to the i386 version (however that will work is another
issue I am thinking about). So maybe we will have some solution within the next
weeks for the i386 version getting added to the x86_64 FE repo (please
suggestions on who, how, when, what are very much welcome). For the time being
just install the i386 version on your x86_64 manually (will most likely need to
install some .i386 rpms from core but should work via yum). It works just fine

thats what I am doing now.

- Andreas

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