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Re: [games sig] Downloader for shareware data files for gpl engines such as vavoom

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
"HdG" == Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> writes:

HdG> Hi, I had this idea last night, it would be nice to package doom
HdG> (and other) gpl game engines, or improved spinoffs such as
HdG> vavoom, but they are kinda useless without the shareware
HdG> datafiles.

The packaging guidelines specifically mention Doom:


Shareware applications are not Open Source code, and are not
acceptable for Fedora.

However, it is worth noting that some non-executable content exists
that is required to make Open Source applications functional. An
example of this would be open sourced game engines, such as Doom,
Heretic, and Descent. These game engines come with freely
distributable shareware gamedata files.

In this case, the gamedata files can be packaged and included in
Fedora Extras, as long as the files meet the requirements for binary

Yes and that last paragraph is the problem, I fully agree with this paragraph, but still its a problem, because one of the guidelines for binary firmware is: -Explicit permission is given by the owner to freely distribute without restrictions (this permission must be included, in "writing", with the files in the packaging)

And I can't find such an explicit permission anywhere on the net. Oh dang, I didn't look properly (IOW I didn't use google) I just found licenses for doom and quake shareware data:
Which seems to indicate doom-shareware wad can enter FE without problems, good!
Seems more problematic, we (FE) fall under the Provider catagory I believe which means we may distribute this:
Permitted Distribution. So long as this Agreement
        accompanies the Software at all times, ID grants to Providers the
        limited right to distribute, free of charge, except normal access
fees, and by electronic means only, the Software; provided, however,
        the Software must be so electronically distributed only in a
        compressed format.

I see no problem here, there is however a restriction on commercial Use, but there are no restrictions on redistribution. which is all that is required for binary blobs (firmware, or am I missing something?).

HdG> Now the shareware files are freely redistributed by a lot of
HdG> sites, but nowhere there seems to be a clear license under which
HdG> this is done, which makes things kinda dodgy.

This seems to be the case for xu4, which is an (open source) engine
which plays the Ultima 4 data files.  I would like to package it, and
the data is available all over (including from Sourceforge, which I
understand has significant restrictions on what you can host there).
But I can't find any statement that it's OK to distribute the data
except for some archived emails.

Archived emails are "in "writing"" and as such if they are clear should be enough.



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