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Re: syck-python vs. python-syck?

We have syck, perl-YAML-Parser-Syck, so a syck-python package should not exist, all other python modules do have correct naming, eg. python-sqlite, python-twisted, and so on...

So syck-python should be moved to python-syck!!!

Regarding libxml2-python; The base package is libxml2. BUT, we shoudl think about renaming this to python-libxml2 and do a Provides: libxml2-python.

my 2 cent,

PS: Maybe also with MySQL-python, gstreamer08-python, gstreamer-python and libopensync-plugin-python.
While we're at it, let's rename all mono packages to mono-<pkg>, all java packages to java-<pkg>, and all C packages to c-<pkg>. That way the user can focus on what's really important to a user (the programming language of the software) as opposed to irrelevant things like its brand name that the user can identify and recognize :)

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