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Use of the "Other" category in desktop files


Basically - gourmet, which is a PyGTK recipe manager, puts its menu item
in the "Other" Category:


That's where upstream puts it - and where I personally think it belongs.
The bug points out that krecipe, which is a similar application in
purpose, puts itself into Accessories.

To me, Accessories has a meaning similar to what Apple use to call a
Desk Accessory back in the old old old days of the Font/DA mover - small
applications of a single window that are used primarily for small stuff
- like the Calculator or Dictionary or Thesaurus or similar.

As such, I would agree with the upstream placement of gourmet into
"Other" and disagree with the placement of krecipe into "Accessory".

If I'm not properly understanding the menu structure and the intended
purpose of Accessory, I need to know.

I'm inclined to close it as not a bug, but first, any discussion is

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