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Re: Comps, or, Making it Easier for Users to Find Software

Jeremy Katz wrote:
With FC5 on the way and the advent of the repo-aware replacement for
system-config-packages (pirut), we're now in a much better position for
making it easy for users to gain access to applications.

So, you might ask, what can I do to help?  Well, if you maintain an
application which makes sense for a user to select[1], check out the
comps module and make sure that your package is listed in a reasonable
group in the comps-fe5.xml.in file.  If it's not, feel free to add it
using the following as a template if your package were named "foo":
  <packagereq type="optional">foo</packagereq>
If you think there needs to be a new group, please let me know.

We'll eventually have the file being automatically updated with each
Extras push -- for now, it's a manual process for me to drop the updated
file in.


[1] So, what criteria makes sense here?  In general, it's going to be
applications which show up in the menus somewhere.  Libraries should
almost *never* be explicitly listed and instead pulled in via
dependencies.  Also, most text-mode utilities don't really fit in unless
they have a pretty large established user-base.  Given that the primary
use is with a GUI, selecting a lot of text-mode things make little
sense.  If you have questions as to whether it makes sense or not, feel
free to contact me.

Where should packages like bochs, qemu, wine (and once its packaged) freedos be? Maybe we need an emulator group?

Wine is currently under system tools but that does not seem right.



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