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[Bug 185211] Review Request: prboom - GPL doom game engine

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Summary: Review Request: prboom - GPL doom game engine


------- Additional Comments From j w r degoede hhs nl  2006-03-13 11:20 EST -------
>> About provide / req doom-game/-engine and Desktop files
>> =======================================================
>> I've been thinking about this and initially I came up with the following:
>> But this is /becomes a mess so I suggest instead:
>> -doom-engines provide dataname-engine for all datasets they support
>I'm not too keen on this because it means that every time a new iwad becomes
>available, the game engine package must be updated to signal that it can run it.
> The game engine package should not have to know about all of the possible
dataname packages that it can run.

I get your point, but what are the chances of new iwads comming out? We need to
only take into account iwads which _might_ be packaged. So for prboom that would
be free-doom and doom-shareware. For vavoom it would be doom-shareware and
heretic-shareware. If people have registered versions they will need to install
them themselves, we can't provide packages for thus we don't need provides
doomxx-registered-engine. and besided the shareware versions and the free
versions I don't know of any other iwads, but that could be me.

Hmm, after doing a search I've found many interesting conversions, but these are
all pwads and most don't have a clear license. Still lets assume some have an ok
license, how do these fit in?

About your other comments, I tend to agree with your simpeler solution (which
would make my comment above void) but I'm not sure yet, I need to think a bit
more about this one.

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