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[Bug 181445] Review Request: php-shout

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Summary: Review Request: php-shout


------- Additional Comments From holbrookbw users sourceforge net  2006-03-14 11:24 EST -------
(In reply to comment #12)
> (for comment #10):
> > ...has updated libshout to 2.2 
> libshout-2.2 appears in FC4 branch only, and is still missed in FC5/development.
> Maybe some issues under FC5 environment?

I just did a CVS checkout of libshout, and devel/libshout.spec was updated on
March 10 by Thomas, and specifies "Version: 2.2".  To me this means that devel
has been updated to version 2.2  Am I wrong?

> Don't forget to close or reopen bug #181523 , currently it has status NEEDINFO
> -- i.e., the next step is yours.


> > I now have a Fedora Account and am in cla_done
> But it does not mean that you are sponsored ;)

I never meant to imply that meant I was sponsored, just making it known that I
have taken as many steps as I know to take on my own, and the next step is up to
the community, i.e. review / approval / sponsorship.

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