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[Bug 175500] Review Request: compat-wxGTK & compat-wxPythonGTK2

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Summary: Review Request: compat-wxGTK & compat-wxPythonGTK2


------- Additional Comments From bugs michael gmx net  2006-03-17 15:13 EST -------
There's a conflict in the virtual Provides of the published packages!

Currently both  wxGTK-devel  and  compat-wxGTK2-devel  as well as
wxGTK  and  compat-wxGTK2  contain

  "Provides: wxGTK2-devel = some version"
  "Provides: wxGTK2 = some version"

This makes them competing packages. You cannot do this, as wxGTK and
compat-wxGTK2 are _not_ equivalent. It causes RPM to let the newer
version win, which results in removal of the packages with the older
versions during installation or in a failed transaction check.

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