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[Bug 185407] Review Request: pwgen - Automatic password generation

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Summary: Review Request: pwgen - Automatic password generation


------- Additional Comments From jbowes redhat com  2006-03-24 21:14 EST -------
Locations for updated files:
Spec Url: http://flame.cs.dal.ca/~bowes/packages/pwgen/rev2/pwgen.spec
SRPM Url: http://flame.cs.dal.ca/~bowes/packages/pwgen/rev2/pwgen-2.05-2.src.rpm

(In reply to comment #1)
> I cannot approve, as you are seeking a sponsor, but here are my comments.
> The Source0 is wrong, as it should be un URL, like
> Source0:       


> rpmlint gives the following warnings, that should be easily sorted out:
> W: pwgen strange-permission pwgen-2.05.tar.gz 0755
> W: pwgen strange-permission pwgen.spec 0755
> Those 2 items are blockers. 

Fixed. I have no idea how that happened in the first place...

> The remaining are comments.
> Have you verified that the pending patch ahs been merged? (at a quick glance it
> seems so)

>From what I can tell, it has been.

> I personnally prefer to use globs for man pages extensions such that rpmbuild
> picks the man page whatever compression scheme is used (even none). The
> corresponding entry in files becomes:
> %{_mandir}/man1/pwgen.1* 

Ah, good point. That is now fixed.

> Otherwise everything seems ok.

Thanks for the feedback!

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