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[Bug 187326] Review Request: smokeping - Network latency grapher

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Summary: Review Request: smokeping - Network latency grapher


------- Additional Comments From andreas bawue net  2006-03-30 06:27 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)

> I also kept an rpm for the speedy cgi helper.
Ahh, that is interesting. I'll take a look at it sometime and see how to
incorporate it.

> Like a handy bit o' perl as an rpm macro that cleans up the path rather than
> using a patch for every release.
Yeah. I called perl directly at first but then decided to prefer an external
patch, as it is cleaner.
And from what I gathered, the different upstream versions don't differ that
much, that each new release would need a new patch.
In case that should prove to be false, I'll incorporate your decruft() call. ;)

> Or the nice basic starting config that monitors the local server; *NOT* the
> same bunch of static sites across the net. That's not cool.
Yes, that looks like a nice feature, to have tailored configuration for the
lokal net, right out of the box.
But I am not that sure, if it is such a good idea. RedHat has in the past kept
their config files more general and leave the configuration to the local admin.
Not as debian, which does a lot of configuration at package installation time
through debhelper.
Furthermore, I think grepping through the output of the route command is a bit
risky, as it's prone to fail if the system has no network yet or could pick up
the wrong systems if the laptop is somewhere else.

If other people think, that is a good idea to implement something, I can do
that. But right now, I prefer to leave that to the enduser.

> A few patches from it's earlier days have already swam upstream. Please feel
> free to peruse and integrate. :-)

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