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[Bug 186566] Review Request: bsdiff - binary diff/patch utility

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Summary: Review Request: bsdiff - binary diff/patch utility


------- Additional Comments From matthias rpmforge net  2006-03-30 11:26 EST -------
Well, trying to rebuild was yet another story :-)
- Why force CC=gcc? It's the default with GNU make, isn't it?
- You patch the makefile in the install section, but don't use "make install"...
you should document that (with a quick comment), since it's to fix the
Makefile's validity!
- CFLAGS wasn't set to use the optflags.
- bzip2-devel build requirement was missing
Maybe others...
I've modified your patch and made changes to the spec :

I've taken the approach to "heavily" patch the Makefile instead of manually
installing the files, since if in a later version the Makefile is modified to
build more binaries, they won't get missed, and if it's in a way that the patch
doesn't apply cleanly anymore, you'll instantly know and give it the attention
it requires :-)
One could even go one step further and also create the parent directories inside
the Makefile instead of before calling make install... why not.

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