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[Bug 181445] Review Request: php-shout

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Summary: Review Request: php-shout


------- Additional Comments From dmitry butskoy name  2006-03-30 12:24 EST -------
> For extdir and apiver, you need "failovers" for when PHP isn't available, for
> instance when simply building a source rpm to send to a build system, or when
> using mach which expands these outside of the buildroot first, then inside later.

It seems to be a corner case in the Fedora Extras context. Both local and FE
builds (mock?) works properly with such a macro.
On the other hand, the failovers make these macros useless, as you should
specify true values explicitly anyway. (Specifying "non-true" values cause build
to fail, am I right?)

> remove the --clean one (arguable, I guess)
Let it be more robust... ;)

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