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Re: Unorphan: arc

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le dimanche 30 avril 2006 à 22:33 +0200, Hans de Goede a écrit :
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

<evil:plan>since arc is taken care of, may I drop nomarch?</evil:plan>

Erm, the idea was to lower the count of orphans, but you're a free man
and its a free world.

Just kidding, though actually I don't think fedora needs two arc
handlers (old legacy format after all). I'll only do it if I need time
for something else

That brings us off topic to the question of how to really remove packages? I think this should be done in the devel branch only, but it really needs to be done and we need some policy for this. For example etherdiag, netdiag and mknbi look like fine candidates for full removal to me. Are these still available from the devel repo, or are these only still in CVS? If so how do we differentiate in CVS between orphan but still available in devel repo could use a new maintainer. And orphan, (should be) removed from devel repo, concidered dead unless someone really still has a use for it and wants to pick it up?



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