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Removing packages (was Unorphan: arc)

Christian Iseli licr org wrote:
j w r degoede hhs nl said:
That brings us off topic to the question of how to really remove  packages?

I thought we'd agreed to do:
 - "cvs delete" of all the files in the devel branch
 - put an appropriate README file in their stead
 - remove package files from the devel repo

When some maintainer decides to revive the package, it's easy enough to retrieve the previous CVS version and restart from there (probably go through a round of review, but I can't remember if this was agreed upon or not)


Currently all the orphan packages have their specfile changed so that they don'y build and they might have been removed from the ddevel repo, I didn't check.

I think the current way is goode for packages which are unorphaned because the maintainer is MIA or doesn't have time anymore, but which do have a future, I think your way is a good idea for packages which may assumed dead. That way we can differentiate between the two cases.

Maybe we should put something about this in the wiki somewhere, but where and what?



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