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Re: Removing packages (was Unorphan: arc)

j w r degoede hhs nl said:
> Currently all the orphan packages have their specfile changed so that  they
> don'y build and they might have been removed from the ddevel repo,  I didn't
> check.

Last time I ran the checking script, there were 58 orphans, and 15 of them had 
a package in the repo.  So most of them are removed, but not all...  I think 
they all should be.

For devel, I think the policy should be "all the packages present in the repo
must have a maintainer".  The maintainer is free to offer the package to be
taken over on the orphan wiki page, but either the current maintainer's email
address stays in owners, or the package is removed from the repo.

> I think the current way is goode for packages which are unorphaned  because
> the maintainer is MIA or doesn't have time anymore, but which do  have a
> future, I think your way is a good idea for packages which may  assumed dead.
> That way we can differentiate between the two cases.

Ok, that makes sense.

> Maybe we should put something about this in the wiki somewhere, but  where
> and what? 

Good question.  The closest match is perhaps Extras/OrphanedPackages ?
Or start a FE packages lifecycle page...  I attempted something along those 
lines on the Extras/SIGs/QA wiki page...


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