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FESCo Elections 2006

Hi All!

As discussed on this list and during the last two FESCo meetings we're
going to have a election of the members for the next FESCo. The plan how
to do it exactly is a bit in the flux and will be adjusted in case that
is needed -- we're doing it for the first time so please be patient
and/or please help out where it seems to be needed. 

I put the rough plan into the wiki at:

Everyone that wants to be in the next FESCo needs to nominate
him/herself for it until May, 8 2006 0:00 UTC; that self-nomination
should contain some information's like "Mission Statement, Past work
summary and Future plans".

I create a page in the wiki to collect the nominations:

Please put them there and send them to fedora-extras-list also. You can
also nominate other people, but they have to write a self-nomination on
their own.

The actual election who will be part of the next FESCo is planed for the
second week of May -- all members of the cvsextras group can vote. How
this vote is actually done needs to be worked out before that timeframe.
Help appreciated. As solution with public gpg-signed mails looks as the
one that has the best chances currently. 

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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