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Re: optional game music files

Chiming in here, after being pointed to the thread on #fedora-extras.

On Sun, 30 Apr 2006, Wart wrote:

> The packaging guidelines state:
> # Game levels are not considered content, since games without levels
> would be non functional.
> # Sound or graphics included with the source tarball that the program or
> theme uses (or the documentation uses) are acceptable.
Splitting the music and data files from the code is sensible, as the 
former are less volatile, then the latter.
Thus I'd consider a second tarball containing music not to be against the 
spirit of these rules.

> Since these ogg files are part of the game, but not part of the upstream
> sources, are they still considered acceptable?
My reading would be:

Yes. If the sound files can be considered "part of the game", which would 
include IMNSHO being linked as a seperate file on the URL of the game, 
they should be packaged.


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