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Re: optional game music files

On Tue, 2 May 2006, Hans de Goede wrote:

> In the case which sparked this discussion, raidem. I actually asked
> upstream to build in ogg support and to offer the music in ogg format.

> Which they did both after that I packaged the ogg library they used and
> updated raidem to the new version using the ogg lib, only to end up in
> this discussion :| Although it does seem to be heading in the right
> direction.
I wouldn't worry.
Spot is asking FESCO for a clarification of the guidelines, just to make 
sure that seperate music is considered upstream and fine to package.

What is more interesting is, that I've seen some game music being licensed 
under the Creative Commons NonCommercial ShareAlike license, which would 
make it impossible to be packaged for fedora, as the NonCommercial would 
make it non-free.


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