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syck-python / request to orphan / wanting to replace with pyyaml.org's YAML stuff

Bugzilla 189281 references the YAML parser for Python in FC-extras as being broken. The bug report went to oliver linux-kernel at on 4/18 and I've emailed him on 4/28 inquiring about the 4/18 bug report and volunteering to help. No replies yet on either account, I'm assuming long vacations and such are possible, such things are understandable and ok. Anyhow, I'd like to get the YAML situation fixed in the meantime -- seeing what was originally uploaded as syck-python never worked anyway, and couldn't have passed any unit tests that might have existed for it -- and as I'll make for a case below -- probably shouldn't be the preferred way to parse YAML in Python :)

Essentially fixing the bugzilla problem would require that upstream syck be fixed (to enable the dump function) and the downstream changes incorporated into FC-extras, *OR* that instead an alternate version of YAML support be added and the existing module be removed. I am advocating the latter approach.

The Python community has apparently seen that the syck bindings that ship with syck (current=0.55) are broken, so they've come up with a version of syck-python that is 0.61 (http://pyyaml.org) on their own . They are also working on a Python Yaml 3000 replacement library, that is apparently also a good candidate.

My suggestion is that syck-python be orphaned due to the fact that (1) it's broken since it can't serialize anything at all (no dump function), and (2) syck isn't incredibly robust. Given this, I'm planning on packaging a "python-yaml" for extras using the Python-YAML 3000 or Python-Syck codebase here, which has syck at 0.61. We can then pull python-syck out of the repository. Yes, I'm signing up to do this, assuming we can orphan the broken package to reduce confusion.

Any objections to orphaning the dead-end package in favor of a working replacement, please speak up :)

--Michael DeHaan


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