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Re: FESCo Elections 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 19:34 -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 20:52 -0500, Josh Boyer wrote:
> > 
> > And by the way, I griped about not having a fedora gpg-keyring available
> > a while ago...  it would seem that this or something much like it might
> > be needed now.
> Since Fedora Extras doesn't have a test repo, there's an additional
> reason. If I want to put a new version up for testing and post it to the
> user list, a keyring means user can verify the GPG key I sign packages
> with matches GPG key in Extras keyring.
> I suppose they could verify it at MIT now, but ...
> What's involved in creating the keyring? (other than time)

Couple things that I can think of.

1) Initial creation.  Walking through a list of the accounts and adding
the keys to a keyring and then exporting that somewhere.  Lots of people
can do the initial creation.

2) Automation.  The accounts system needs a hook to add new keys to the
keyring as people are granted cvsextras access.

I brought it up before, I think it's important now, so I'll probably
poke at it soon.


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