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Re: FE-ACCEPT when sponsor needed

On Thursday 04 May 2006 15:05, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Bug #190396 - netpanzer
> It has been reviewed and approved and put in FE-ACCEPT but the submitter
> needs a sponsor.
> Has policy changed on that?
> I thought that packages could not be formally approved until the
> packager had a sponsor.
> At any rate - the bug should probably block the NEEDS-SPONSOR bug, to
> make it easier for potential sponsors to find.

I have the same problem: I am the author of the following review request:
  Bug #190070 – Review Request: par2cmdline

The day after the creation of the request, it has been accepted, and added to 
blockers of FE-ACCEPT.

However, it was my first submission, and I tell that in the description of the 
request. I added FE-NEEDSSPONSOR to blockers of my request, the day after, a 
week ago. I suppose that my request awaits another review of a sponsor, so 
that I am sponsored.

Perhaps my request #190070 should no longer block FE-NEEDSSPONSOR. Please tell 

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