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Re: FE-ACCEPT when sponsor needed

Warren Togami wrote:
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>> Bug #190396 - netpanzer
>> It has been reviewed and approved and put in FE-ACCEPT but the submitter
>> needs a sponsor.
>> Has policy changed on that?
>> I thought that packages could not be formally approved until the
>> packager had a sponsor.
>> At any rate - the bug should probably block the NEEDS-SPONSOR bug, to
>> make it easier for potential sponsors to find.
> People should not sit in NEED-SPONSOR status and just expect
> sponsorship.  The best way to get sponsorship is to continue doing other
> work, like reviewing other packages, giving helpful advice, or
> submitting more packages for review.  Having approved packages is *NOT*
> the requirement for gaining cvsextras sponsorship.  Instead
> demonstrating that you understand the packaging guidelines and Fedora
> process to sponsor members is what is necessary to gain sponsorship.

I can currently sponsor and as a member of the games SIG I concider
myself a good sponsor candidate for this person, seeing how he has
chosen a game as his first package.

Judging from the quick response during the review and the fact that he
has had IRC contact with the reviewer which is described as positive by
the reviewer (Andreas Thienemann), and because the initial package was
of ok quality (only minor changes needed) and the few issues left were
fixed without the packager needing any handholding. I concider the
packager (Hugo Cisneiros (hugo devin com br)) ready for sponsoring. I'm
however new to the whole sponsoring business, is the fact that I believe
him to be ready good enough? Are my standards high enough or am I to
easy with trusting someone?



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