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Re: FE-ACCEPT when sponsor needed

Laurent Rineau wrote:
> I have the same problem: I am the author of the following review request:
>   Bug #190070 – Review Request: par2cmdline
> The day after the creation of the request, it has been accepted, and added to 
> blockers of FE-ACCEPT.
> However, it was my first submission, and I tell that in the description of the 
> request. I added FE-NEEDSSPONSOR to blockers of my request, the day after, a 
> week ago. I suppose that my request awaits another review of a sponsor, so 
> that I am sponsored.
> Perhaps my request #190070 should no longer block FE-NEEDSSPONSOR. Please tell 
> me.

No, blocking FE-NEEDSSPONSOR is correct untill you find a sponsor that
is. I might be willing to sponsor you, but you first need to prove
yourself somewhat more IMHO. Taking a spec file from Suse as a start is
ok but hen not removing the Packager: Suse tag is somewhat sloppy. Also
admitting that you use this tool for Legally gray area activities
doesn't help building trust.

Have you done other opensource work, if so pointers please. Otherwise
opportunities to prove yourself are:
-doing some reviews. Drop me in the CC-list so that I know that you're
 doing those. See:
-package some more software for example libpar and gpar from:
 Please add me to the CC field of the package review then I'll
 review it for you and if all goes well sponsor you.



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