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Re: FE-ACCEPT when sponsor needed

Hans de Goede wrote:

Judging from the quick response during the review and the fact that he
has had IRC contact with the reviewer which is described as positive by
the reviewer (Andreas Thienemann), and because the initial package was
of ok quality (only minor changes needed) and the few issues left were
fixed without the packager needing any handholding. I concider the
packager (Hugo Cisneiros (hugo devin com br)) ready for sponsoring. I'm
however new to the whole sponsoring business, is the fact that I believe
him to be ready good enough? Are my standards high enough or am I to
easy with trusting someone?

As sponsor, your are responsible for education of the members that you sponsor. So if you feel they understand the guidelines you may sponsor that member. If they make any mistakes, you are expected to educate them.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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